Knowledge & experience are the keys to a properly tuned motorcycle and we have been on the leading edge since we started performance tuning in 1998.  

We currently utilize the latest version Dynojet 250i dynamometer in our custom built test cell that records key data & provides Air/Fuel ratio monitoring and calibration.

 A lot has changed in the world of Fuel Injection and if we do not continue to change with it, our customers will not get what they deserve in the world of FI tuning. We know that and we do not rest in our quest to provide the absolute best caliber tuning for our customers that come to us from throughout the Midwest.  Our custom built test cell provides us the ability to replicate real world conditions which produces great performing motorcycles in the real world day after day!  

We are well versed & trained in just about every tuner on the market today which allows us to work on any bike that comes into the dyno test cell!  Contact our service department to get your leading edge tuning session scheduled today